Hello world! Another late post, this time I want to share what inspired me to be a writer. It’s weird that I haven’t done that yet, only in interviews.

I had one this year with Bryony Leah, freelance editor and author extraordinaire.

Where do I start? Ever since I was a kid I loved books. My parents either bought or borrowed books that interest me. In elementary School, one of my favorite grade teachers Mrs. Miller helped me grow my love of books.

We shared a favorite author: Beverly Cleary. She let me borrow Beezus and Ramona and other books to bring home. To be honest I wanted to be a teacher because I loved all of mine.

My career choices have never been just one: teacher, actor, scientist, chef, screenwriter, historian, writer. I decided to stick to writing, it was one of my passions and my imagination is always in motion.

The Scholastic book fair was the one I looked forward to all the time The first two years we didn’t have much money for me to purchase the books I wanted so I was taken to the school library or to borrow it from friends and my cousins.

The next year it was the book fair, my parents finally had enough money for me to have and spent for the day. I bought four books! I was in heaven. Overall I was a bookworm and still one.

During middle and high school however I read less. At least two books a month. In university only read my text books and book series.

Wattpad came into my life, I became addicted and read almost every book I added. Tried out Nanowrimo, reached 30,000 words the first time with my novel idea I had since I was seventeen. I continued to read, written more plot ideas and connected with amazing writers. I love supporting each and every one of them, they have advised and helped along the way.

From new and old books, tv shows and movies, washing dishes, vacumming, conversations with my parents and siblings I find story ideas. I love to write because it’s something I want to do. I felt that my talent to spin a plot should be shared.

I haven’t been agented nor pubbed. It will come and I have soooooo much work to do along the way. I am sticking to what I want to

2019, let’s see what you got!


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