Hello all!

Passing blessings to you, with all the things happening.

We now more than ever have to come together with Peace and love.

I know i sound like a pageant contestant but it’s needed. I missed last month to post and i apologize for that, I’ve been keeping up with my reading list, cleaning my closet, drafts, emails, my health, family and edits so bear with my slow posts.

I entered pitmad earlier this month onTwitter and got a like from an agent. 😍😍😍😍 got my first rejection letter and wasn’t sad about it, I knew what I flawed in so in take it as a learning experience to continue my craft.

I’m on a roll updating and editing some of my stories😁😁😁😁

With thoughts of spring cleaning I’ve been doing that a lot these days to keep myself moving and away from social media. Any one can do it, it helps plenty, try it for a week because is cleansing for not only tour dwelling but for your mind.

Anyway not much to say, more will come next month.



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