Happy Spring everyone! Allergy season though, but we will prevail.

So last month was the Wattpad Block Party, hosted by Kelly Anne Blount and it was so much fun! I won a prize of being named a character in Johanna’s book and my prize winner TeaceFindley one an ebook of mine.

Now with March winding down with the last days I have been busy with editing three books, one down and two more to go! Reading and reviewing books I’ve received, loving it so much and it clears my head from the stress of writing, my acid reflux coming back, knee issues and babysitting my niece. I’m healthy, nothing to worry about.

I do have more books I am rewriting and editing but that will be sporadic since my main focus is the two main manuscripts. I have four new stories on Wattpad, hoping to update as much as possible. Big things coming soon!


Plus stories on Radish, new adult and sexier, if you have the app my username is katothewriter.

Pitch Madness is today, thanks to the awesome writers and twitter chats I entered. It’s all day 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. for potential authors to pitch their novels in 140 characters on twitter. There are plenty of amazing pitches, from amazing wattpad authors with their novels. Retweet for your support and comment on your favorites for agents and publishers to see. I already entered two of my tweets, follow the hashtag #pitmad for more pitches of other author’s pitches. Fingers crossed and lots of luck!

Prayers to everyone to the recent events in London, England. Lots of love and peace


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