The Master Plan


The following post is written by Wattpad Co-founder and CEO Allen Lau.

I wish I had written a blog post like the one you’re about to read when Ivan and I first started Wattpad 10 years ago. Although we shared our plan numerous times in bits and pieces, it was scattered across the internet, and very few people outside of the company had the complete picture.  

The First 10 Years

Our plan was actually quite simple. We wanted to revolutionize how people discover, share, and connect through stories. Here’s how we did it:

  1. We created a reading app for the RAZR and other feature phones using public domain classic books to attract our first group of users.
  2. We leveraged the growing audience to attract our first group of writers who would share original stories on Wattpad. We created direct connections between these writers and readers around the world.
  3. We…

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10 Things To Love About Wattpad


Wattpad is 10 years old!! To celebrate, we’re highlighting some of the things that helped shape our app and community. Today we’ll look at 10 features on Wattpad that dramatically changed how people around the world discover and share stories.

Inline Commenting

Introduced in 2014, inline commenting took off like a rocket. Today you can react to your favourite prose within a story instantly. Inline comments provide the perfect space for audiences to connect and give storytellers insight into how their words are being received.

With in-line commenting, people call out inspiring passages, help their favourite writers edit stories, and share reactions with other Wattpadders who are reading along.

Inline commenting demoMultimedia

In 2015, we introduced embedded multimedia to the surprise and delight of the Wattpad community. With this feature, storytellers can enhance their works by adding images, GIFs and videos to their story. Inline multimedia helped bring new kinds of stories…

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Happy Birthday Wattpad!


Wattpad 10th Anniversary Banner

This month we’re celebrating Wattpad’s 10th birthday! It’s an incredible milestone for us at HQ, and a chance to reflect on the impact we’ve made on storytelling around the world.

In many ways, Wattpad has reinvented storytelling for the modern age. Product features like inline commenting, embedded multimedia, and writer analytics are some of the ways we’ve changed how the world engages with stories. In other ways, Wattpad takes people back to the roots of storytelling — community.

Before the advent of the printing press, we shared stories in caves, over campfires, and in town squares. People gathered around stories, and audiences and storytellers were always connected in real-time. More than 500 years after the invention of the printing press, Wattpad creates direct connections between the world’s readers and writers once again. No other company has done this on such a massive, global scale.

Today, Wattpad connects over 45 million…

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Wattpad Writer Wednesday- Fangirlish

I had so much fun with the interview from Fangirlish! If you haven't checked out the website it's a great place to read reviews, articles, interviews and basically fangirl to your favorite fandom. One of the writers, Kristi, covers Wattpad and One Direction fandom, interviewing wattpaders and sharing news and love of 1D. Spotlighting wattpad…

Interviews And New Ventures

Hello again! Writing to give some updates of what is going on. As you know already not only am I a writer on Wattpad I also write on Radish too. Its a great website where writers serialize stories, choices from free, premium and freemium. My stories are on freemium choice so you can purchase a…